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West Bancroft Side Story


West Bancroft Side Story tells the tale of Sonia Long and Joey DeMarco, two average students at the University of Toledo – except that they’re members of rival dorms and they’ve fallen in love.

Told in a three-part musical miniseries parody, West Bancroft Side Story follows the paths of the not-so-starcrossed lovers as Joey quests to find true love, Sonia strives to become a mechanical engineer, and the rest of the Ottawas and Quads get in the way!

Starring Megan Beckett & Nick Kneer with Gage Howell, Nick Bellmyer, Sarah Fatemi and Katie Nelson.

Produced by Carina Cornieles & UTTV.  Directed by Carina Cornieles & Feliza Casano.  Written by Feliza Casano.


Episode One || Episode Two || Episode Three


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